Discover the real reason why you haven’t yet lost weight in the long term

“You’ve tried mastering what you eat to lose weight.
You’ve tried mastering exercise to lose weight .
But have you tried mastering your mind to lose weight?”

Wendy changed her attitude, her behaviour AND her weight and found the whole process “effortless”. Listen to her experience in the video.

Wendy was fat. There’s no other way of putting it. Perhaps you can imagine how she felt. As a divorced mum of two who weighed more than was healthy she felt invisible.

Wendy was:

  • Constantly focused on what she wanted to eat but wasn’t allowed to because of the fad diet she was on.
  • Obsessed about what she had eaten (that she “shouldn’t have”) and how awful she was as a person for doing that.
  • Unhappy about being in photographs.
  • Disgusted with what she was putting into her body.

Wendy felt powerless to change her life. She felt she had exhausted all the possible ways of taking control of her weight. That was until she heard about health coaching.

A health coach could help you find a different way to being slimmer

Health coaching has boomed in the last few years as people like you begin to realise that the old diet industry does not work for many people.

As a result of reading this webpage though you’ll begin to see what you could do to change your weight without calorie counting or constant exercise.

Have you ever tried:

  • Cutting out foods?

    are you eating too much chocolate

  • Calorie counting?

    have you tried calorie counting

  • Lots of exercise?

    endless exercise just makes some people more hungry

  • Slimming clubs?

    weigh ins at slimming clubs often humilate

Then working with a health coach could be the different approach to weight loss you have been hoping for.


The Weight Loss Mastermind approach is to help you to first focus on what happens in your head and then what you put on your plate.

Through working with Weight Loss Mastermind you could:

  • End emotional eating
  • Enjoy healthy food
  • Stop when you are comfortably full
  • Be in control of your thoughts and actions
  • Stop counting calories
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What do you get when you work with Weight Loss Mastermind?

Through expert help, support and straight talking you can find a different way to eat and live. You will get a no cost discovery session where you will have the power of your mind proved to you. You will get to find out more about this remarkable weight control process for yourself.

Using the power of your mind you will begin to understand where the diets of your past went wrong. I promise that you will enjoy working with me. If you don’t just tell me before the end of the first treatment session and you’ll get a full refund, no questions asked. You have nothing to lose…except your excess weight.

Another diet is NOT what you need. You have been there and done that. This is about going to the source of the problem.

If you are committed to the idea of changing your weight and are sick of the Slimming World and Weight Watchers approach click the button below to find out more.

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