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So this is the part of a website where most therapists/coaches/trainers will focus on telling you their facts and figures….

“I trained at….” and “I studied this that and the other….” and the old classic “I have been in business since…”

I’ll get to that but I don’t think it’s the most important thing for you to know about me.

I want to use this space to give you a sense of who I am so you can judge better about how much you want to work with me. A bit of history first (just a bit though because the present and the future is much more interesting I think).  So back in the day I had a string of uninspiring and functional service industry jobs which I just about fitted in around long-term depression.

I coped with day-to-day life by using recreational drugs. It was a messy time of my life and I frequently wondered what the hell I was doing and where I was going.  Fortunately for me the love of an amazing woman inspired me to help myself out of my problems and despair.

Richard Hennessy Weight Loss Mastermind

My Guarantee To You

I guarantee that you will enjoy working with me.

I know what I do can deliver results. I also know that where I work from is a calm and relaxing environment that’s perfect for helping you change your behaviour. If for any reason you do not want to continue just tell me before the end of the second session and I will refund every penny you have spent (including your deposit) – no questions asked.
You will enjoy working with me or all you will lose is a little bit of time.

Satisfaction Guarantee

The techniques I used to beat depression could help you lose weight

I used techniques like mindfulness, meditation and NLP to get myself back on track. Thanks to a throw away comment a friend I was inspired to focus my career on helping other people to feel better about their lives. I trained in various methods of bringing about changes to thoughts and feelings.  I have been as low as you can get I know just how bad it sucks and how helpless things can seem.

This experience helps me on a daily basis to help others who are going through their own problems, daring to hope that things can change.  I can help you because I know that no one is beyond help. I believe passionately that everyone has the potential to improve their life, maybe physically, maybe mentally or maybe both.

Make mental and physical changes and your experience of life HAS to change

Since 2009 I have helped many people to do exactly that. Mental and physical changes are what I do. I believe that the mind has to be helped first and once that is onside the physical challenges get much easier.  Working with me is designed to be solution focused, fun, enlightening even.

You can learn at a deeper level than you maybe even realise. With this deeper understanding change for some people can be effortless. Instead of that internal battle between your cravings and your desire to be slimmer and healthier you could combine both of these forces through the power of your imagination. Then you can begin to create the future that you do want.

This is what I did when I broke out of depression and drug addiction. I know that being where you are now, hoping and dreaming that things can change, might seem scary and overwhelming (which may be a trigger for some of you to pig out and feed that cycle of the past).

Maybe you have had failures and set backs in your past that make you doubt your ability to change. We have all had tough moments like these in our lives. I don’t believe that you have failed though, you just found what doesn’t work for you. Instead of doing more variations of what you know doesn’t work for you do something different instead. End the mind/body battle. Combine your forces and move into your healthier, happier future (with my support.)

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