If you are exercising just to lose weight then STOP!

When it comes to it, there are only three proper reasons to exercise: That’s it! It seems that anything over and above ‘moderate exercise’ is pointless when it comes to just losing weight. Evidence is emerging that shows highly active people often aren’t using more calories than ‘moderately active’ people. The paper was published in Current Biology and was authored …

Wendy has found losing weight so easy since working with Weight Loss Mastermind

Interview with Wendy – Weight loss client

In September 2016 Wendy Applyby, a successful former client of Weight Loss mastermind, agreed to be interviewed on camera about her weight loss journey. That interview was edited into the 4 minute video you can see on this page but the full interview is here on this page below. Just click the question to see Wendy’s answer.

Weight Loss Mastermind is live

Until now you have probably been fighting against yourself when it comes to reducing your weight. Maybe you described it as having an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other. The angel begged you to make a “good” choice but the devil said “stuff it, buy the chocolate!” Maybe you have said that you have no willpower. …