A wise investment in your future health is necessary

The average woman spends of £25,000 on managing her weight over her adult life. This cost is made up of gym membership, specific clothes to exercise in and other equipment for exercise. The majority of this money is spent on special food. Much of this is branded low calorie food and in many cases does not help very much at all for most people.

Investing a tiny fraction of that £25,000 on a solution that has the potential to get to many of the underlying causes of excess weight would be a very smart investment and could save you a fortune over a life time.

The Weight Loss Mastermind one to one programme is made up of six sessions and they can be tailored to your individual requirements. You will learn tools and techniques that could last you a lifetime and could dramatically alter the way you think about food.

What do the Weight Loss Mastermind sessions cover?

The one to one coaching programme is six sessions long. They cover the different elements that are responsible for the majority of people being overweight. This includes:

  • Connector.

    Discovery Session

    A consultation to find out what you have been doing to keep the weight on and the effect that has had. This is also where we find out where you want to be and how to get there.

  • Connector.

    Learn to eat mindfully

    It is possible to enjoy your food more as you eat less. Through mindfulness you will be able to work with your body instead of against it.

  • Connector.

    End emotional eating

    Through stress management techniques you will be able to learn to separate emotions from food. If you eat when you are genuinely hungry you’ll eat less.

  • Connector.

    Stop unwanted thoughts

    What you say to yourself, about yourself in your own head has a big impact. Learn to tune into these thoughts earlier and do something to take control of them.

  • Connector.

    Increase confidence and self esteem

    You have been disappointed in the past but by increasing your confidence and optimism you could find that this helps you break out of the patterns of the past.

  • Connector.

    Future focus and plan for after the plan

    By focusing on the future being more how you want it to be you can begin to guide yourself to what you want. Then having a plan for after you have achieved your goal you’ll be able to maintain your success.

The Weight Loss Mastermind Package

The free discovery session and five treatment sessions, recordings of sessions and all guides for the sessions costs just


Optional extra support:

Skype, phone or text SOS service. Get extra support between sessions to help you to deal with any challenging moments when they occur. You will get my personal mobile phone number and Skype details and can contact me up to six times throughout the programme.
Support will be geared to the situation and will give you tools, techniques and ideas about how to tackle the challenge you are facing.


Compare the Weight Loss Mastermind offer to the alternatives like a personal trainer/gym membership/dietician

Personal trainer


For 10 sessions
  • Only focuses on the physical side of things
  • Training can last months or years
  • No psychological focus to change



For 6 sessions
  • Only focuses on calories
  • Most people already know what food is unhealthy
  • Doesn’t change attitudes



Per Month
  • Focuses on burning calories (very ineffcient
  • Motivation quickly vanishes
  • Locked into a contract

My Guarantee To You

I guarantee that you will enjoy working with me.

I know what I do can deliver results and I know that where I work from is a calm and relaxing environment perfect for helping you change your behaviour. If for any reason you do not want to continue just tell me before the end of the second session and I will refund every penny you have spent (including your deposit) – no questions asked.
You will enjoy working with me or all you will lose is a little bit of time.

Satisfaction Guarantee