Have you noticed how effortless it seems for naturally slim people to be slim?

If only you could look inside their heads and learn their secrets of success – well now you can!

My approach is focused on doing what works. Why waste time finding people who are fat and finding out what they have been doing to be fat? Instead I have looked at what naturally slim people do.

But they are still slim. So what ARE they doing?

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    Naturally slim people do not count calories

    They just don’t bother. Studeis have shown that counting calories rarely helps people to lose weight in the long term.

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    Naturally slim people do not weigh their food

    Micromanagement of food is not something intuitive eaters do

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    Naturally slim people do not go to slimming clubs

    Weight Watchers and Slimming World are simply not needed by naturally slim people

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Find out for yourself what it is that you could do to be like the naturally slim people

“What do naturally slim people do?” has been the guiding question behind every aspect of Weight Loss Mastermind.
When you can figure that out and do the same thing then you can be just like those naturally slim people.

Naturally slim people usually:

  • Eat a mixed diet – a good amount of healthy food (and enjoy eating it!)
  • Sometimes have unhealthy food but don’t beat themselves up for it
  • They are active in that they like to move but aren’t chained to the gym six times a week
  • They stop eating when they are comfortably full
  • They enjoy their food and usually eat slowly and thoughtfully

So with the guidelines provided by slim, healthy people I have structured my weight weight coaching around this. I can help you to focus on the following aspects:

  • Increasing your awareness of your inner voice and making it work for you
  • Being more mindful of the present moment to increase your awareness of choices and what you actually need rather than what you have got into the habit of wanting.
  • Finding the positive examples in your past when you had a great attitude or approach and tapping into that again.
  • Developing an experience in your imagination of having things more how you want them and using this as your motivation and inspiration
  • Stopping unwanted thoughts
  • Making the new behaviour habitual and automatic

You are probably reading all this going “Yeah, that sounds great but how exactly are you going to get me from being overweight to slim?”

Great question!

Well, focusing on “losing weight” hasn’t really worked out that great for you has it?

So I will help you to focus on the kind of things naturally slim people focus on. To do that I will help you to tap into the power of your imagination.

It can be a powerful ally in bringing about change. However you have probably been using the power of your imagination against yourself.

Have you ever spent time imagining having a take away or a big bar of chocolate and got to a point where you just HAD to have it?


You used your imagination to focus on how that take away would taste and got to a point where you really wanted it. I can help you use that power to help you not hinder.

Visualisation is closely linked with imagination and can really add a lot to the process of change. Don’t worry if you aren’t a big visualiser, I can help you with that.

Another very effective tool in bringing about change is mindfulness. Through an increased awareness of the present moment you become more aware of how you really feel and what you can do to make things more how you want them to be.

Another powerful changework tool is Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). If you don’t know what NLP is then in a nutshell it is about using the tools that successful people use to be successful. That is why it fits so nicely with the Weight Loss Mastermind approach.

Closed eye processes: Through closing your eyes, focusing on your breathing, visualising and imagining can be a perfect way to allow yourself to begin to change and to do the kinds of things naturally slim people do.

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